Parnell District School - Parnell Pantry Fundraiser Recipe Book

Parnell District School. ‘The Parnell Pantry’ recipe book.

A project that began when my daughter’s teacher tapped Jason on the shoulder for help during the school drop off one morning.

To help mark the 140th anniversary of the school, the teacher and a team of very hard working mums embarked on a recipe book project and got busy organising (and testing) recipes collected from school families and friends.

We helped them take the next steps by bringing the project to fruition with a creative vision, art direction, design, copywriting, finished artwork and production management.

The book includes celebrity (friends) recipes from the likes of John Key and Trelise Cooper, and reproduced pages from the very first recipe book ever printed in New Zealand, Lady Martin’s ‘He pukapuka whakaatu tikanga mo nga rongoa mo nga kai’. Coincidentally, that first cookbook was actually printed on the site the school now occupies on St Stephen’s Avenue.

parnell-pantry-thanks parnell-pantry-contents parnell-pantry-little-divider parnell-pantry-bean-soup parnell-pantry-mains-divider parnell-pantry-pappardelle parnell-pantry-fritalas parnell-pantry-friends-divider parnell-pantry-borscht Parnell District School - Parnell Pantry Fundraiser Recipe Book