Branding and Brand Identity

We provide branding and brand identity services to global players and those just at the beginning of exciting business journeys. Our clients operate in diverse business sectors, from world leaders in cyber technology to property developers, hospitality, healthcare, professional services, museums, sport… even whole cities.

Developing brands and influencing behaviour

Brands are the sum of everything customers and employees perceive about an organisation. Shaping those perceptions is key to influencing behaviour. As such, it is important that companies see thieir brand as an investment in their reputation. A company’s products can come and go as can their people and their physical infrastructure. What endures is their brand. It stands for consistency, quality, credibility and overall — trust. When Kraft spent billions of dollars on Cadbury they weren’t buying chocolate, the workers, factories or recipes. They were buying brands.


Our approach is simple

We don’t describe our approach as being a scientific process or use fancy industry talk or ‘trademarked’ phrases to describe what we do. To us,  branding is simple, it’s about human nature — developing brands with strong human characteristics that people find appealing and can engage with. We look for the simplest, most enduring and interesting ways to communicate with clarity what actually makes our clients interesting. If you need your brand to help you achieve a key business objective, talk to us.


Bringing brands to life

Once a brand strategy has been developed, skilled graphic design input is often required to bring the brand to life. Brand strategy is important as it provides an organisation with a guide to how to talk and behave but the design implementation of the brand shouldn’t be overlooked – an idea is only as strong as its execution. Our experience and range of services from interactive design, print design and environmental design allow us to bring brands to life across all touch-points.